Where for a coffee in Munich

The culture of cafes has spread into every larger city, and has become an important part of its citizens’ and tourists’ everyday life. Munich is no different, and despite the fact it is more known as a city of Beer, fans of good coffee won’t be disappointed either. In case you plan a trip to Munich, here is a list of our most favourite coffee roasteries.

1. Man versus Machine

If you feel like a good quality and unique coffee, you should take yourself for one in Man versus Machine café! Coffee here is made by gravimetric technology. They use this method to prepare a perfect espresso with maximum level of precision, because it gives them the control at every level of extraction. Sounds complicated, I know. Basically, it means that you get a specific consistency and maximum of flavour in each cup.

Logo of roaster
Flat White
Coffee is a fruit. Don’t let the fruitiness scare you.
– Man vs. Machine
Coffee and mugs

Coffee lovers will surely be enthralled by coffee with such fruity and soury flavour in a place, which is not too large, but still cosy, and with north style looking interior at the same time. When nice outside, there are some tables out in front of the café, but to be honest, it is not easy to find a vacant seat at all. You will find MVSM at Mullerstrasse 23, close to a well known Viktualienmarkt. To get there from the city centre, you only need to walk for about 10 minutes. This roastery with a logo of a crocodile is favourite place for students, tourists, but locals too. The picture of a crocodile does not mean to represent anything in particular, so don’t look for some hidden meaning. Like the owners themselves say: “It’s just some little, weird drawing we fell in love with”. You will find mugs, cups with the logo, other accessories, and coffee of course, which you can buy here, directly at the café.

Interior of cafe
Bad Coffee. It’s worse than no coffee.
– Man vs. Machine
Interior of cafe and Bruce Lee

2. Vits der Kaffee

This Café is a typical town café. Its location in the wider city centre is what made it destined for its purpose. Despite the predestination, I can still see that it hasn’t failed in not letting go of its specific vibe of a Vienna like atmosphere.

The Café itself, together with its coffee roasting room, is quite spacious. In summer it also expands to the outer area, where you can sit at a table of your choice on both sides of the Café. In hot summer days you will most certainly appreciate the huge windows opened, which only add to the spaciousness of the Café. The Café also offers educational seminars on a regular basis. You can learn more about these on their website.

In the alley, close to a busy Isartor – one of four medieval city gates, where it is situated, you can order anything from coffee to a soft drink, and you can give a try to a drink which has become very trendy lately. Coffee tonic. Very unusual combination of coffee and tonic might surprise your taste buds more than expected. In a good way. In case you get hungry you don’t have to leave. Breakfast menu, cakes, and many other snacks and meals are offered here every day. Choice is yours. In case you are coming to Munich, don’t forget to visit Vits der Kafe. Freshly roasted coffee and kindhearted staff only underline the very pleasant atmosphere. Gastronomic delight guaranteed.


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