The Oresund Bridge – the most famous bridge from series

To travel somewhere only to see the bridge and not the city or its historical monuments is at least a bit strange, but for us, devoted fans of a series Bron/Broen was the Oresund Bridge the main goal during visiting Malmö.

Malmö is nice, picturesque city and so on. But that is all and most probably Malmö will not belong to your most interesting travelling destinations. Especially when you have already seen other cities in Sweden. It indeed has some advantages. It is close to Copenhagen which is worth couple of days staying and is also connected to Copenhagen by the construction that holds attention of all modern architecture admirers.

The Oresund Bridge is the longest combined bridge in Europe, which connects two central cities, Danish Copenhagen and Swedish Malmö. There is a 4-lane motorway on the top with the railway beneath it. The length of a channel is 16km but the bridge by itself is only 8km long. The rest of a construction is made by a tunnel Drogden on a Danish side which flows into artificial island Peberholm. The engineering structure cost owners, Danish and Swedish state 4 billion EUR. The national budget of both states stayed untouched by that structure as it was financed by a loan which is being repaid by users of the bridge. That is the reason why (in 2016) one way by a car cost 54EUR.The payback period for this investment is predicted for the year 2037.

The connection between Sweden and Denmark was a long-time vision that became a reality in 1991 by decision to build a bridge between those two states. The engineering structure started in August 1995 and only 5 years later the bridge was solely opened by Danish queen and Swedish king. What I as a runner found more interesting than facts about the grand opening was the information that runners were first to try the bridge 2 weeks before the opening. Half marathon was called Broloppet (The Bridge run) completed approximately 90thousand runners and became one of the biggest event of such kind. The interesting is that our Slovak runner Róbert Štefko finished 4th with the time 1hour 29seconds. From the one-time event became a tradition held to 2006 and the runner community repeated it in 2010 to celebrate the 10th anniversary. If they decided to do it again, we would not hesitate a second and Öresund Bridge would be again put into list of our destination.

The best view on the Bridge is in my opinion from the Swedish side. Considering that transportation by train is more flexible than by bus, we choose it on our way to Malmö. The good thing is that trains heading to the airport in Copenhagen continues to Swedish side and starts from the center every 20 minutes. The fare is from 10-12 EUR. It takes approximately 30minutes to get from the main station in Copenhagen to the main station in Malmö, but it took us longer because of some controls. You can enjoy the view on a surroundings and wind turbines towered about the sea. The train ticket is according to the ladies from the info kiosk also valid for the public transportation. It took us a long time to get that info. Ladies did not look very persuasively, but after 15minutes we decided not to doubt their finding how to get from the main station to the part Sibbarp. You can also walk there, it is a 2 hour walk by coast. We took a bus, got off on the Sibbarpsvägen station and continued through the build-up area heading to the coast. There is a good view on the bridge from that place but our goal was the pier with the Luftkastellet restaurant. You only need to make few steps from there to stand right under the bridge. The Öresund bridge is beautiful, very photogenic and belongs to my favorite constructions.

The series Bron/Broen aroused desire in me. Desire to see Sweden, Denmark, the bridge, to know the culture, the country, nature and also their other movies and series. Series has a significant influence these days and it is usual that they are incentive to travelling or visiting places where they are shoot. This blog and pictures were dedicated to all fans of the series Bron/Broen who thanks to it became a fans of the Öresund bridge – if anything like a “fan of a bridge” exists :).



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