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Eibsee – the most photogenic lake in Bavaria

You will most certainly find photographs of this picturesque place on every famous German photographer’s Instagram. It offers more than one faces for you to view and get to know. This favourite destination of all photographers reminds you one time of Canada lakes, other time it takes you as far as to an island in Caribbean.

How to get through the Octoberfest safely

‘How to survive the Octoberfest‘ is a manual full of essential tips and advice for you to leave this event with mainly positive experiences, and the least possible amount of misfortune and misunderstandings.

What to beware of in Munich

Every city in the world has got some specifics, which all its inhabitants are aware of, but which are also well hidden from the eyes of tourists. To reveal these means to become one with the city, to become tuned to the same wave with it, penetrate beneath the surface and become a user of the city itself.

Where for a coffee in Munich

Coffee culture is currently already very developed in almost every bigger city and is important part of daily life of it's residents and tourists as well. Munich is not an exception even if it is considered and better known as city of beer. Fans of good coffee wont be disappointed either.