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Is it really true that you won’t meet a living soul in Iceland?

Nowadays, everything comes in 3 (trilogies, episodes, princes, princesses, etc.), so I got inspired by the movie industry and decided to go with it. My trilogy ends here with last 6 points, throwing some light on the country which belongs to my top favourite ones.

Northern Lights Hunt

They say that once you get to see the Northern Lights, it is going to be your life changer. Mainly because from then on, you will have an urgent need to see this spectacular show again and again.

What you should know about Iceland but won’t find in Baedeker

It is not my intention to educate you and inform you about everything which has to do with Iceland. I’ve decided not to ruin the Baedeker business at last. But I am also convinced that on your trip to Iceland, you will find some information from my blogs useful.

Iceland is IN

It is impossible to be neutral about Iceland in my opinion. Either this country will totally get under your skin, right at the moment you step out of an aeroplane, or it will seem miserable, unapproachable, and boring to you.

The most beautiful waterfall in Iceland

It is almost impossible to select which of the Island’s waterfalls is the most beautiful one. It mostly depends on personal preferences of single tourist and traveler.

Iceland and glaciers

Vatnajökull is the biggest iceberg that covers 8% surface of Iceland. On the edge of iceberg, there are approximately 20 outlet glaciers and each has its own name.