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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get to an altitude of 2500m with minimal effort and without the struggle of hours and hours of walking?

Eibsee – the most photogenic lake in Bavaria

You will most certainly find photographs of this picturesque place on every famous German photographer’s Instagram. It offers more than one faces for you to view and get to know. This favourite destination of all photographers reminds you one time of Canada lakes, other time it takes you as far as to an island in Caribbean.

3 Ways How to Get to the Nā Pali Coast State Park

There are only three ways how to access it - by land, by sea, or by air. Each of these options, however, is either physically, financially, or time-wise demanding. On the other hand, it has a bright side to it, when you think about it. In order to save some money, time, or themselves, many tourists omit and skip this step in their itineraries.

Across the Scottish landscape in Harry Potter’s train

The railroad leading across the western part of Scotland is recognized as one of the most beautiful tracks of the world. Starting at Fort William, all the way to Mallaig, the railroad is always described with words of praise, and well deserved so.

Top Hikes of the Faroe Islands – Part II.

This second article engages in some more of the trails, which are popular with tourists visiting the Faroe Islands. Our bucket list covers at least half of them, as we haven’t had a chance to visit, while travelling around this beautiful piece of land. However, I still believe that our future holds them for us.

Top Hikes of the Faroe Islands – Part I.

There are more than 300 mountains to be found on the Faroe Islands. My list has no chance to include all the touristic trails, which the islands have to offer, but I’ll try to guide you and introduce you to the most interesting ones.


You’ll find only couple of settlements in here, Longyearbyen being the capital, with a tiny international airport. When you get to the arrivals hall, you are welcomed with huge stuffed polar bear, which leaves you hoping, it is the last polar bear you have and will encounter for the rest of your stay.