Quiraing, Scotland

Why it’s worth to fly 40 000 km

Flying cannot be defined as one of my favourite activities. In fact, my attitude towards it is lukewarm, if not negatively cold-ish. Flying does not make me feel excited, nor do I feel happy on board. I see it as a necessity and an integral part of the travelling reality.

Isle of Skye – Part I.

The inspiration for the journey to Scotland came in my case, quite unconventionally, from my love for literature. Crime stories in particular. Our favourite Scottish author and screen-writer Peter May plotted his Lewis Trilogy onto an island with the same name as the title carries. Reading his descriptions of Scottish nature triggered the idea to visit, and experience it on our own.

Iceland is IN

It is impossible to be neutral about Iceland in my opinion. Either this country will totally get under your skin, right at the moment you step out of an aeroplane, or it will seem miserable, unapproachable, and boring to you.

What to beware of in Munich

Every city in the world has got some specifics, which all its inhabitants are aware of, but which are also well hidden from the eyes of tourists. To reveal these means to become one with the city, to become tuned to the same wave with it, penetrate beneath the surface and become a user of the city itself.